Providence Lifts All To be created from the original artist's work, " Providence Lifts All," a colossal sized bronze monument 130 foot in height.


Whether divine providence, (God’s care and guidance over man and the creatures of the earth) or providence amongst man, (care and guidance over each other) providence is the principle that will advance human rights and ultimately lift us to a higher level of civilization. There is an awakening occurring in the world and we are poised to make a “quantum Leap” in our evolution.

Some public art works are created to commemorate historic events; others to draw our attention to a location. Providence Lifts All has been planned as a beacon on the landscape; to peak a person’s interest, share an ideology, invite them to reflect upon that ideology and hopefully embrace the vision. Providence will be more than a monument. She will be the iconic symbol of that visionary pursuit! If we can turn a measure of the population into people who live by the ideology that Providence represents we will achieve the next “golden age.”

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Did you know?

  • Monuments are meant to inspire us. Eight of the ten tallest sculptures in the world inspire what religious group? Read More.

  • The Statue of liberty almost had no pedestal because of simple lack of interest. What events turned American enthusiasm and secured a home for the iconic symbol? Read More.

Message from our Board

10/14/12Board of Advisors

When 12 million emigrants sailed past the Statue of Liberty, headed for Ellis Island; they felt assured that the freedoms they dreamed of laid before them. Inspired that Liberty’s torch would enlighten the world; there was faith that family left behind might one day have freedom as well. Today we hope that passersby might also be inspired when they, in equal awe, look up at the face of Providence and know that this country led the way in showing the world that man can rise above his differences and obtain a higher level of civilization. Please join us in our endeavor to build this spectacular monument and give inspiration to future generations. Find Out More.

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